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    More Than Just Data

    The Digital Coast was developed to meet the unique needs of the coastal management community. The website provides not only coastal data, but also the tools, training, and information needed to make these data truly useful. Content comes from many sources, all of which are vetted by NOAA.

    Data sets range from economic data to satellite imagery. The site contains visualization tools, predictive tools, and tools that make data easier to find and use. Training courses are available online or can be brought to the user’s location. Information is also organized by focus area or topic.

    What makes the site successful? The targeted audience—the coastal management community. Content on the site comes from many sources, but being relevant to this audience is the requirement. The Digital Coast Partnership helps ensure this relevance, as this group provides user insight and feedback.

    The Digital Coast is managed by NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management and was first released in 2007. Get the handout to learn more.

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