Planning for Resilient Coastal Communities in New York

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With preliminary damage estimates nearing $50 billion, the impact of Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy emphasized the need for New York and coastal communities along the U.S. East Coast to plan for future hazard and climate change impacts. Coastal communities in New York have started planning for long-term recovery and resilience but have experienced challenges in identifying the most beneficial data, tools, and resources to inform local planning and decision making.


An evaluation of Sandy’s impacts to natural and cultural resources was completed with support form the NOAA Office for Coastal Management. In addition, the office worked with the New York Department of State to create a composite map of inundation hazards and future flood risk to support the New York Rising initiative, a community reconstruction program. Training was also provided to local staff members to aid in future independent mapping projects.

To further enhance knowledge and awareness of resources related to long-term recovery planning, a webinar was provided to staff members of the New York Joint Field Office, including Federal Emergency Management Agency and interagency partners. The webinar highlighted tools and training related to long-term community recovery planning, including NOAA’s Coastal County Snapshots, Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts Viewer, and Coastal Inundation Mapping training.


The support provided by the NOAA Office for Coastal Management helped target both damage assessment areas (including natural and cultural resources) and funding requirements for recovery. The New York Rising initiative used the composite inundation-hazards map to help local partners assess the vulnerability of key community assets. The inundation mapping training built the capacity of local programs to conduct further mapping if needed to support local vulnerability assessments. As a result of the process, New York partners were made aware of NOAA tools, data, training, and other resources available to aid the long-term recovery and resilience planning of coastal communities.

New York uses Coastal County Snapshots, Sea Level Rise Viewer, and Coastal Inundation Mapping training for long-term recovery planning