Mashek Creek, Wisconsin

Managing a CELCP Property

Conservation starts with acquiring lands, but it doesn’t end there. Landowners should continue to manage CELCP properties in accordance with the CELCP Guidelines, the original purposes for which the property was acquired as described in the project’s scope of work, and any of the grant’s special award conditions that establish long-term obligations for the grantee. View a sample list of conditions here.

An example of a special award condition is a requirement that language be recorded in the property deed restricting the use and disposition of the property, and another is the installation of a permanent sign at the site acknowledging NOAA’s funding. These conditions must continue to be met after the grant expires. Certain changes also require prior approval from NOAA.

The following are examples of issues or requests that must be brought to NOAA’s attention for resolution:

  • Prior approval for new leases or changes to pre-existing or approved uses
  • Requests for easements or other “encumbrances”
  • Boundary issues
  • Requests to transfer ownership of the CELCP interest
  • Reporting violations

Contact us to submit an inquiry, choosing “Coastal Zone Management” as the subject line. Please include the name and location (city, state) of the property, award number when available, and the nature of the inquiry.

NOAA will review any requested changes for consistency with the objective of the approved project grant, CELCP guidelines, and applicable federal funding requirements, as well as the potential for environmental impacts or consequences (NEPA).