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U.S. Virgin Islands

Coastal Management

The focus is on managing coastal areas to increase resilience, with an emphasis on balancing environmental, economic, and human wellbeing. Mandated by the Coastal Zone Management Act and the Coral Reef Conservation Act, the federal programs designated for this task are the National Coastal Zone Management Program, the National Estuarine Research Reserve System, and the Coral Reef Conservation Program. These programs are administered, on the federal side, by NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management, in partnership with the coastal states.

View from the top of a mountain looking down to water with a city on land in the distance.

State Programs

Coastal Zone Management

U.S. Virgin Islands Coastal Zone Management Program. Established in 1979, the lead agency is the Department of Planning and Natural Resources. The program operates under the authority of the U.S. Virgin Islands Coastal Zone Management Act. Covering the entire territory, the program aims to manage and safeguard coastal resources, mitigate conflicts between land and water uses, and promote environmental and economic sustainability for future generations. The territory’s Coral Reef Conservation Program is also housed here.