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Coastal Management Fellowship

2014-2016 Fellowship Project Summaries

Connecticut: Ian Yue, from the University of Connecticut and nominated by Connecticut Sea Grant, was matched with the Connecticut Office of Long Island Sound Programs to develop a program of compensation for shoreline armoring under Connecticut's coastal regulatory program so that additional structures such as seawalls and revetments would be offset by the removal of existing structures, promoting a policy of no-net-increase in hardened shorelines.

Delaware: Amanda Santoni, from Duke University and nominated by North Carolina Sea Grant, was matched with the Delaware Coastal Management Program to quantify the economic value of Delaware's tidal wetlands and identify areas of specific wetland characteristics according to the ecosystem services they provide, in order to effectively campaign for wetland protection and acquisition.

Florida: Kelly Egan was matched with the Florida Coastal Management Program to implement local action strategies, engage stakeholders, and initiate an outreach and education campaign with the Florida Coral Reef Conservation Program.

Maryland: Kim Hernandez, from Duke University and nominated by North Carolina Sea Grant, was matched with Maryland's Chesapeake and Coastal Service to build an effective framework for stakeholder engagement and science translation to improve the predictability with which feedback is considered and data are used in decision-making and policy development in Maryland.

New Jersey: The fellow from the College of Charleston and nominated by South Carolina Sea Grant, was matched with the New Jersey Coastal Management Program to improve the ability of coastal communities in New Jersey to reduce the risk to residents, businesses, property, and natural resources from future storm events by identifying and implementing feasible, effective, and affordable hazard mitigation strategies.