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Coastal Management Fellowship

2006-2008 Fellowship Project Summaries

California: Elijah Davidian, from the University of Michigan, will be working with the California Coastal Commission to develop a tool to help with compliance with the California Coastal Act. He will develop a program for monitoring condition compliance by creating a pilot program in two of the commission’s district offices, putting the pilot in place, and assessing and modifying the pilot as necessary. He will also design and implement a database that will facilitate efficient monitoring of condition compliance.

Massachusetts: Wesley Shaw, from Oregon State University, was matched with the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management to develop and implement planning, policy, regulatory, and technical assistance tools to improve coastal floodplain management in Massachusetts.

Ohio: Amanda Wenczel, from the University of Delaware, was matched with the Ohio Office of Coastal Management to develop the Lake Erie Shore Erosion Management Plan (LESEMP) by synthesizing data gathered from existing shore erosion plans, identifying information gaps, and incorporating new findings into the LESEMP.

U.S. Virgin Islands: Jordan Gass, from Duke University, was matched with the U.S. Virgin Islands Coastal Zone Management Program to develop, implement, and operate a functioning geographic information system (GIS) office for the program by inventorying needs, creating a GIS database, and training the staff on using the software. He will also create a working group of governmental, nongovernmental, and nonprofit agencies to collaborate on GIS-related work.

Virginia: Jacqueline Shapo, from the College of Charleston, was matched with the Virginia Coastal Program to create a searchable on-line resource to improve public access to coastal zone information and encourage nature-based tourism. She will also be working to develop access standards for the Middle Peninsula of Virginia to aid the state in acquiring land.