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This coastal planning decision-support tool helps users understand, visualize, and anticipate ecosystem and human community vulnerabilities to sea level rise, coastal storms, and shoreline change hazards. The tool is co-developed with the user community to deliver locally relevant, interactive maps, tools, and downloadable products from the U.S. Geological Survey’s Coastal Storm Modeling System in a user-friendly web-based platform. Products will eventually be available statewide and currently cover 95 percent of the urbanized coast of California: Northcentral California (Point Arena to Half Moon Bay), San Francisco Bay, and Southern California (Point Conception south to the Mexican border).

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  • View locally relevant online maps and tools to understand vulnerabilities to sea level rise, storms, and shoreline change
  • Compare a combination of 40 different sea level rise and storm scenarios from the U.S. Geological Survey’s Coastal Storm Modeling System
  • Interact with a map that includes flood extent, depth, duration, wave heights, velocity, uncertainties, cliff retreat, and shoreline change
  • Download data and learn how and where products have been used for coastal adaptation planning, science, and education and outreach

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