Coastal States Organization

The Coastal States Organization (CSO) is a nonpartisan non-profit organization that represents the governors of the nation’s coastal states and territories on coastal management issues.

Adapting for future challenges while maintaining our nation’s vital coastal economies is an unprecedented planning challenge facing coastal managers today. Effective planning begins with the right information—NOAA’s Digital Coast helps to fill that need. Coastal managers utilize the C-CAP Land Cover Atlas to understand how their coastlines are changing over time. By providing coastal planners with access to myriad data types, Digital Coast ensures that each state and territory’s coastal zone is improved, protected, developed, and planned in a responsible and beneficial manner. In places like the Pacific Islands, Digital Coast in-person training opportunities help deliver national resources and technical assistance directly to the distant territories. By providing data, tools, and trainings, Digital Coast helps to broaden access to this critical information to a wider set of users who may not be aware the information they need is out there. CSO participates in the Digital Coast because it is their mission to support members’ on-the-ground work by leveraging a network of national partners to support member priorities.

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