Planning for Coastal Hazards in Florida


Florida emergency managers need tools to help communities prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against hazards that threaten the state of Florida.


Florida emergency managers use GATOR, an interactive Web mapping tool, to assist in emergency preparedness and response. GATOR, or Geospatial Assessment Tool for Operations and Response, combines base map data such as roads, facilities, and aerial photographs with real-time weather and storm data. To bring in additional demographic, infrastructure, economic, and environmental data, direct access to NOAA’s Coastal County Snapshots was added to the GATOR interface.


With direct access to Coastal County Snapshots, Florida emergency managers can use charts and graphs to assess a county’s exposure to flooding, analyze a county’s dependence on the ocean, and quantify the benefits a county receives from its wetlands. The easy-to-understand charts and graphs are valuable communication tools that help managers prepare Florida communities for hazards.

Coastal County Snapshots tool shows national flood hazard in Florida

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