Integrated Resilience Strategy for the Padilla Bay Coastal Community

Recipient: Washington State Department of Ecology

Project Type: Habitat Restoration Planning, Engineering, and Design

Recommended Funding Amount: $500,000

Congressional District(s): WA-02

Summary: This project will advance a holistic vision for community climate adaptation and habitat restoration in Padilla Bay, Washington. It will advance the currently funded Samish restoration project in planning a design solution that delivers tidal marsh, tidal slough, and connectivity benefits while also improving road and dike infrastructure resilience through developing a numerical model for restoration design. A secondary goal builds on community discussion catalyzed by the current project to convene a broader resilience working group to address the sea level rise vulnerabilities of roads, dikes, agriculture, drainage, rural communities, and habitat along the eastern shore of Padilla Bay, the Samish River delta, and the southern and western shores of Samish Bay.

For more information on the Office for Coastal Management grant program funding this project, please visit the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law webpage.