Gardens Combat Coral-Harming Pollution

Coral Reef program co-leads volunteer effort to plant native vegetation that absorbs runoff.

Runoff from deforestation and agricultural pollution courses down Tutuila’s Faga`alu watershed into the ocean, harming delicate coral reefs. But thanks to NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program plus rain garden experts and volunteers, new greenery now filters and absorbs much of this runoff before it reaches the shore.

The trainees dug slight land depressions, planted native vegetation to absorb runoff, and added sod and rocks to stabilize the structures. The installments are both scenic and effective, and volunteers are selecting future garden sites that will create an even healthier environment for corals. NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program and local partners led the clinics. (2017)

More Information: Protecting Coral Reefs One Rain Garden at a Time

Partners: American Samoa Coral Reef Advisory Group, Faga`alu Village, Horsley Witten Group, Land Grant, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Samoa Maritime Company