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A Teachers on the Estuary (TOTE) workshop is a research and field-based training program held at various research reserve sites. TOTE workshops offer a minimum of 15 contact hours, giving teachers the opportunity to:

  • Explore coastal habitats and conduct field investigations;
  • Interact with local scientists and experienced coastal educators;
  • Integrate local and national monitoring data into the classroom; and
  • Learn hands-on field activities highlighting our various Estuary Education Resources

For More Information: Download the TOTE Information Sheet - PDF. View sample Teacher Certificate for workshop completion.

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To learn more about the Teachers on the Estuary (TOTE) workshops, watch videos from the Chesapeake Bay reserves in Maryland and Virginia.

Teachers on the Estuary Testimonials: Be Inspired

Find out what teachers who have participated in the Teachers on the Estuary training loved about the program and what some plan to do with their newfound knowledge to improve their local watersheds and estuaries.

“It was such a different experience to be able to explore the local area and watershed instead of just listening to information.”

“Phenomenal PD! One of the most educational and engaging ways to learn about how to become a better science teacher.”

“This workshop reinforced the importance of teaching students about the important functions of an estuary. The topics discussed and the activities provided are good examples to use in our classrooms.”

“This was an amazing experience that I would love to bring my students to and can’t wait to share with them.”

“This was an awesome workshop and the facilitator was enthusiastic, prepared, and friendly. I would happily do other workshops like this one to continue to learn more ways to enhance my curriculum and activities.”

“The course was a good balance of background information and actual hands-on activities to bring back to the classroom. I particularly liked the integration of the local Wampanoag culture with our studies.”

“These activities are some of the most relevant to real world applications that I have received in a long time.”

“It was a great workshop in terms of getting outside, keeping things hands-on and engaging, and learning about the bay.”

“Thank you, I appreciate the balance of the course between information and how to improve how to help students improve their understanding.”

“Outstanding job! A lot of preparation went into this workshop and it was the best I have ever taken. I will highly recommend it to other teachers.”