Coastal Zone Management Act 101

Find information and resources to help new and inexperienced coastal management program staff members. This collection of learning modules focuses on coastal management program basics to help jump-start your work.

CZMA Overview

Learning materials

All-in-One e-bookletCZMA Overview (PDF) Learn about key elements of the Coastal Zone Management Act. Find out how this legislation connects to and supports the daily work of a state coastal management program. This booklet includes all content listed below in one easy-to-read document.

For the manager presenting to new staff members

Coastal Program Tasks

Interactive learning modules

ModuleFunding and Cooperative Agreements
Learn about types of CZMA funding and navigating the cooperative agreement process. Find examples of funded activities, a quiz, interactive games, and quick references.

ModulePermitting in the Coastal Zone
Learn about basic permitting concepts, permit application review, and how the CZMA relates to the permitting process.

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