Using Participatory GIS to Map Ocean Uses in the Mid-Atlantic

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Screenshot of Using Participatory GIS to Map Ocean Uses in the Mid-Atlantic Video


Understanding human uses of the ocean is essential to successful marine planning. Unfortunately, spatial data on this topic are often limited and difficult to consistently capture over large areas. Participatory GIS processes provide interactive ways to capture local knowledge and ocean use patterns through specialized GIS mapping tools. NOAA has worked with partners to apply this method at local and regional scales. This webinar’s format is a panel discussion with NOAA and its partners in the mid-Atlantic region. The focus is on the process, data, and lessons learned.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the NOAA participatory GIS method for capturing ocean-use data
  • Recognize the data, products, and often unexpected outcomes of these projects


Mimi D’Iorio, NOAA National Marine Protected Area Center

Recorded May 1, 2014

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