New Esri Products Help Communities Increase Resilience and Reduce Insurance Costs

In partnership with the Nature Conservancy, Esri has developed a suite of new products to help communities reduce their flood risk and make flood insurance more affordable through FEMA’s Community Rating System (CRS). “Assess Open Space to Lower Flood Insurance Cost,” a new lesson from Learn ArcGIS, shows how a South Carolina community used a CRS activity to provide homeowners with the biggest potential discount. The lesson provides a method for any community to use the newly released data set, “Open Space Preservation Activity 420 for FEMA’s CRS,” to identify land across the country that is likely eligible for open space credit. These products are accompanied by a story map that explains the economic and risk reduction benefits of open space preservation and an overview of the comprehensive suite of CRS resources developed by the Digital Coast Partnership. To learn more about other Digital Coast partner CRS products, visit the Nature Conservancy’s Open Space page.

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